How are you?, 2018, 2 Channel Video Installation, 18'44''.

Orania, a white Afrikaner settlement in South Africa, gained global fame for being the ''Neo Apartheid” village, the manifestation of continual racism in South Africa.The work How are you? is based on a visit of the settlement; yet, the situatedness becomes decontextualized through the fragmentation of the documentary footage. How are you? neither provides a narrative about Orania, nor a definition about racism, but instead uses the context to ask the question: Where does racism end, where does it begin? What are the boundaries of the white body, what is its relation, its connection to racism?

Lüderitz, 2017 (out of a series of 5).

The series of five photographs presents the contemporary appearances of the places of the concentration and death camps of the Ovaherero and Nama genocide conducted by the Germans in Namibia. The work enlightens the memory politics in independent Namibia regarding the genocide. It reveals how the dominant narrative conceals not the extent of the genocide, makes it invisible in the physical environment. In addition to the visual presentation, archival documents referring to the places were reenacted by Herero (in collaboration with the Ovaherero Genocide Foundation) and can be listened to via headphones.

Al Baba Sweets, 2017. Audiovisual work, which is based on 12 interviews with Euroamerican expats living in Beirut. The interviews focus on their image of Lebanon and their perceived role in Lebanon. In the work single utterances become intermingled to heighten the rhetoric patterns of an eurocentric view. Beginning with common views on the chaos and beauty of Lebanon, the work relates these to a perception of urgency, the need help and “solve” problems and "save" Lebanon and concurrent expectations of appreciation.

Al baba sweets, publication, 2017.The centerpiece of the publication are the transcripts of the interviews, which were commented by Lebanese. The publicaion also includes a introduction of the work, which contextualizes the work within decolonial theory.

Short tale, 8', 2016. 3 Channel Audio Installation which is based on a abstract play written by Daphne Fietz. The play is narrated from a pigeon's perspective and talks about migration, loss, modernity and identity.The voices build a canon, finding their ownrhythm through repetition, cacophony and stillness.

Spoken by Donia Touglu